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International Association “The International Sport Federation of Firefighters and Rescuers” was founded in 2001 by the decision of the 1st International Conference of Leaders Fire and Rescue Services and unites firefighters and rescuers from 33 countries.

The main objective of the Federation and functions are:

  • Aim of this establishment is the propaganda and development of sport for firefighters and rescuers on the international level;
  • Organization and carrying out of the World Championships and Europe and other international competitions included in the calendar plan of main sports events of Federation;
  • Introduction of new technologies of fire-technical arms and equipment;
  • The strengthening of friendly relations and cooperation between the fire and rescue services around the world;
  • Organizing and conducting activities to improve the skills of specialists (referees and training seminars, consultations and others.);
  • Accounting and record of world records and higher achievements in sport, as personal so and team.

Since its inception, in accordance with the goals and objectives of the Charter, with the active participation of national federations of the founding countries, the Federation has launched work on the development and propaganda of the Fire and Rescue sport.

Since 2002, under the auspices of the Federation held 15 World Championships, 3 European Cup, 2 Cup of Asia, in countries such as Germany, Russia, Korea, Czech Republic, Turkey, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and others.

In addition, since 2010 annually holds the World Championships among youth men and youth teams.

The historic event was the participation of women’s teams in the competitions in Fire and Rescue sport in 2014.

Also, with the support of the Federation, held international competitions in other national organizations.

Within the framework of sport events are exhibitions of products of fire-technical purpose and means of saving the world’s leading producers and hosts international conference on the development of the sport of firefighters and rescuers with the leaders of the fire and rescue services around the world.

The Federation established the Sports and Technical Committee, Disciplinary Anti-Doping Committee and Sports and Disciplinary Commission.

Qualification category “International Referee” in Fire and Rescue sport have more than 70 people.

As the sport of the future, or sport – has a great future – can be designated Fire and Rescue sport, in the sense that more and more people and sports fans drawn to new forms of sports, the basis of which there is not only the strength, speed, and the idea, team collaboration, partnership and intellectual component.

Fire and Rescue sport can inspire a person of any age. It has and intensity of the struggle, and colorful spectacle, skill and professionalism of the sportsmen.

Progress of Fire and Rescue sport at the international level only confirms his Olympic prospects.